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Text Encode Converter  v.1.0 Build 110531

Text Encode Converter is an easy-to-use application that can help you convert encode of multiple ansi / utf-8 / unicode plain text documents to and from any encode, either interactively or in batch mode. It can convert encode of thousands of files

Plain Text Log Converter

Plain Text Log Converter is a free yet flexible XSLT stylesheet which lets you convert a Colloquy log into the equivalent plain text. Run it from the command line with the xsltproc utility, such as xsltproc plaintext.xsl mycolloquylog.xml.By default

Arbitrary text data parser java library  v.beta4

An other library for the common problem of parsing arbitrary text data. A small, easy-to-use Java library LR parser without lookahead limitation. Semantic action defined in class not in grammar definition

Genetic data converter  v.0.1.6

Genetic data converter, for and hapmixmap data formats. Reads data in tabular format and writes in hapmixmap format. It's possible to add extensions to output different data

Large Text File converter  v.1.0

TextZilla is a Multithreaded Java utility which can process huge size delimited text files to extract, convert, encode, decode, encrypt/decrypt text data from source and write it in desired output file or files. It provides fully extensible ...

Wrestling MPire 2008: Career Edition - Data Converter  v.0.1

Check out the latest Data Converter tool for Wrestling MPire 2008: Career Edition

Hexadecimal striping out of text data  v.0.14159beta

This program is used as a tool to check for ASCII code and strip it out to a new file to recover documents that got corrupted or find hidden data in viruses that contain text by the virus writer or spies puting comments in images or other files.

FST to v5d Data Converter  v.0.0.1

The fst2v5d package converts data stored in the Canadian RPN Standard File (FST) format into Vis5D format. FST files, commonly used to store meteorological data, are scanned by fst2v5d to generate both 4D fields and independent topography input

Sedna Presenter Daily Data Converter  v.1.0

This is a program I wrote for my high school's Sedna Presenter as an ISU. It is used to take data from both a local and FTP source and generate a single HTML page output to present it. It uses Python and JavaScript and is grosely over documented.

ListMode Data Converter for Windows  v.0.8.0206 Alpha

This application performs conversion between files conforming to the Data File Standard for Flow Cytometry

Chilkat Charset C++ Library  v.9.2.1

Chilkat Charset is an extremely useful library that can help you convert text data from one character encoding to another. It works identically on all computers, regardless of locale or internationalization settings.

CorpusFiltergraph  v.3.5.249

CorpusFiltergraph is a framework installed on every edition of DoMY that empowers users with “Graphs” of “Plug-ins”. CorpusFiltergraph allows you to extract, filter, align and transform text data from multilingual documents

Pdf to Text Txt Rtf Converter 3000  v.7.3

Pdf to Text Txt Rtf Converter 3000 is a fast and easy pdf to TEXT/RTF converter. With it,you can free batch convert your pdf files to txt/rtf with ease. So you can edit and reuse your PDF content. It can preserve original text of your pdf file. More,

Corrupt Office Data/Text Extract Service  v.1.0

Several free web services exist for converting MS Office, Open Office files and RTF to text/data. This service does so as well but also works with some corrupt instances of the files. This project requires you installing your own file

SKIF - Personal Password & Data Sentinel  v.1280

SKIF ppds - Personal Password and Data Sentinel- password manager and data security-tools. Single file (main database) encrypted Blowfish-cipher - for storage user acounts and any text data. "Crypto" tools - Blowfish-cipher,SHA,MD5,DIFF,MAC and

Internet Text Radio  v.1.0

Internet Text Radio,designed around freeTTS,connects to a text server and tunes to a channel.The server starts pumping text data for that channel to the client, which converts text to speech, playing back the text as audio,like an internet radio station.

PDF2Text Pilot  v.1.0

PDF to text file converter that allows you to extract text from a batch of PDF files. PDF2Text Pilot is an open-source tool. Software developers can use the code as an examlpe of solving a text extraction task.

BCTextEncoder  v.1.00.6

BCTextEncoder is a simple, easy-to-use application that will rapidly encode or decode your text files. Plain text data are compressed, encrypted and converted to text format, which can then be easily copied to the clipboard or saved as a text file.

Chilkat Charset .NET  v.9.2.1

Chilkat Charset is a useful .NET component that can help you convert text data between character encodings. It works identically on all computers, regardless of locale or internationalization settings.

TRiCYCLE  v.0.2.4 Beta

Universal Tree Ring Data Converter.

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